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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Fixx Group is the leading Web Design & SEO Company Bangalore who offers best seo services bangalore to all its customers . Our seo experts in bangalore helps your business to attain more visibility and increase your investment. Inorder to acquire the customers for businesses you need a strong online presence.we are ready to serve your website to get rank higher position.some of the most important factors in seo that we have used in our organisation is:

SEO FACTOR #1 - Website Optimization

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Before analyzing any website for SEO, you need to have a strong foundation about website. You have to examine the website top to bottom for the actual framework & foundation of your website and about the coding terms. it’s very difficult to get desired rank without doing website optimization. Failing to do this is something like trying to build a house on a weak foundation. similarly it is same in seo.

SEO FACTOR #2 - Content Optimization

We know that content is the king for any website. once your website gets crawled in Google, you have to concentrate on content part. There are 2 parts mainly you have to work on it, it is blog Posting and landing page of your website. This 2 things where users can read your content. Here content plays the most important quarterback-type role in SEO success. Content is useless if there is no solid website structure & marketplace authority...there comes the next critical seo factor.

SEO FACTOR #3 - Link building.

Google “crawls” websites through links. A “link” is nothing but when another website talks about yours and “links” to you as attribution. There are so many factors that go into links, but generally speaking, if your website have a lot of links from high quality sites, your rank will be higher.
In other words, if your websites has more high-quality sites linking to you and the more places your website content is shared & mentioned online, then your Domain Authority will be higher in search engine.

SEO FACTOR #4-Keyword Research

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you can ask yourself, in this competitive world by which keyword can your website can rank #1 position. It will be the beginning of your analysis. Your keywords should be more competitive enough to give you good traffic and also it should help your business growth.
For example if you own seo company in Bangalore, try to find keywords related to it like seo company, seo services in Bangalore. It will be the best strategy for analyzing keyword or else use keyword planner tool to get more keyword suggestion related to your website.
It will bring you the traffic and the right traffic gives you the buyers .there are short tail and long tail keyword. Short tail keywords are very competitive. They are competitive because they can be found on many different websites. Long tail keywords on the other hand are less competitive. They have lower search volume but they are easier to rank for and can bring you better niche traffic. The easiest way to find relevant long term keywords is to look at Google's suggestions and related searches.

How Does Social Media will Help Your Rank Better?

Beyond being a part of the strategy, we've found that social media directly  helps your SEO. There are other factors which is very helpful for  your search rankings. The foremost vital issue is links to your web site. The external links you've got, which are  links from different web sites pointing back to your website, the higher results you may get by backlinks. So yes, social links are external links.
In current scenario, each person is gets engaged with social media like face book, twitter, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. So it is better to share our backlink in social media through which our response towards website will be more. Due to social media sharing more traffic may obtain.

Which SEO Factor Is Most Important?

This is actually a tricky question. Because, every factor is important in SEO. The most important SEO factor is Link building(factor #3). But the truth is you cannot really achieve back link  without having a well optimized website (factor #1) and well, optimized content for your site (factor #2). Without strong keyword suggestion you cannot bring traffic to your site. So all factors are critical to SEO success since they have a strong interdependence.we seo company in bangalore brings your website higher response in search engine.
I hope this information is useful for you to get succed.

Fixx group LLP is the ecommerce website development company in bangalore helps your online business to get sale for your product.It gives more traffic to your website and gives more online business.

More details are available in our website, kindly look into it,

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